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Executive Committee
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee governs the Franklin-Southampton Republican Party within the scope and powers granted by the State Party Plan of the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Executive Committee consists of Elected Officers including the Chairman, First Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. These members are elected at our local unit's Mass Meeting which is held once every two years.

The Executive Committee also includes Appointed Officers who may be appointed or removed at the will of the Chairman to serve long-term or short-term goals.

2020-2022 Executive Committee

  • Timothy C. Bradshaw, Chairman

  • < VACANT > , First Vice Chair

  • Jolene Johnson, Secretary

  • Teresa Preston, Treasurer

  • Christopher Cornwell, Unit Representative to the 4th Congressional District Committee

  • James Spivey, Unit Representative (Nonvoting) to the 75th Legislative District Committee

  • Jack T. Randall, Legal Advisor

  • Chief Walt "Red Hawk" Brown, Immediate Past Chairman

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