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About the Franklin-Southampton Republican Party

Seal of the Franklin City / Southampton County Republican Party superimposed over a picture of the Southampton County Courthouse (photo courtesy Brian Beachum).


The Franklin-Southampton Republican Party is managed by the Franklin City / Southampton County Combined GOP Committee (FSGOP) which serves over 7,500 Republican voters between the City of Franklin and Southampton County in Southeastern Virginia.

The Committee is open for Members (voting) and Associate Members (nonvoting) to join who believe in the principles of the Republican Creed.  Members must be registered voters in the City of Franklin, Virginia or in Southampton County, Virginia.

Virginia Republican Creed

The Franklin City / Southampton County Republican Party believes in the Virginia Republican Creed:

We Believe

  • That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice

  • That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society

  • That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government

  • That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations

  • That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense

  • That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation

The History of the Virginia Republican Creed

The Virginia Republican Creed was authored by the late Dr. Max Charles Graeber who was Republican Chairman of the Fifth Congressional District and Dean of the Night School and the Women’s School at the University of Richmond.

On January 22, 1987, President Ronald Reagan nominated Max to be a member of the National Advisory Council on Educational Research and Improvement for a term expiring September 30, 1989. In 1997, the Governor of Virginia presented Max with a Certificate of Recognition for his many constructive contributions to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia in which the Governor officially recognized December 9, 1997 as Max Graeber Day. Max graduated from Indiana University (B.S., 1952) and Bowling Green State University (M.A., 1965: PhD., 1973). Dr. Gaeber was born February 9, 1928 in Valparaiso, Indiana.


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